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This handpicked group of powerhouse vocalists and instrumentalists will excite and engage any audience.  Their tight harmonies, energy and diversity offer something for everyone.  These performers hail from all over the world and have been seen on some of the most prominent stages in the industry - including American Idol! From the second this high-energy party band hits the stage, the music, the dancing and the party never stops! Paradigm Party Band is a premier Florida dance band that performs all over the US and internationally.

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Client Reviews

The Best Decision We Made!

My husband and I have been to enough weddings to know how impactful it is to have a great band. Having Paradigm at our wedding was hands down the best decision we made. The talent and energy of the band are truly unmatched. Our guests were on the dance floor all night (and even during dinner before the floor “officially” opened!) and were raving about how amazing Paradigm was. From Lizzo to Prince to Florence & The Machine and everything in between, every song was perfection. We requested the band learn our first dance song (the acoustic version of “Latch” by Sam Smith), and when we received the recording prior to the wedding, we were absolutely blown away by how phenomenal it was - and it was even better on our wedding day! It was an absolute pleasure working with Kimmie during the planning process. She was always responsive and helpful, and her energy and enthusiasm were a delight. Thank you so much to Kimmie and Paradigm for such a memorable evening! We couldn’t recommend them more highly!

Brittney and Chris - Dr. Phillips Center For the Performing Arts - Orlando, FL


This Band Is Exceptional!

This band is exceptional. The song list is vast. The singers are amazing performers. The band doesn't seem like a typical wedding band. They are way more stylish, and current. The band transitions really well even when they are taking a break. The sales associate of the band, is very professional, and personal. This band was one of the best vendors to deal with out of everyone we hired.

Dr. Arturo Riviera - The Vault - Tampa, FL

The BEST Wedding Band You Will Find!

Paradigm performed at our wedding and I couldn't imagine having picked a better band.  They are all very talented and made our wedding so incredibly special and fun!  We have not stopped talking about or hearing about how amazing they were.  Our wedding was four months ago and every time our wedding comes up, our friends and family mention how awesome the band was! On top of being so great at our wedding, they were really helpful in preparing for our wedding and thinking through all of the details.

Angela Trudel - Pelican Club - Jupiter, FL

We Would Have Our Reception Again!

Finding the right words to describe Paradigm is hard to say the least. From high-energy vocalists and musicians to the amazing staff at Eklectic Entertainment, Paradigm is the perfect party band. Kimmie, part of the team, was always available via text, phone call or email. We could tell from the moment we started to talk that she wanted everything to be perfect for our wedding day. Paradigm is a group of top notch musicians and singers that really know how to do it. The music was incredible and they really captivated the guests. Everyone attending had nothing but good things to say about Paradigm. Not only did they entertain the guests with music, they also emceed the entire night. Each musician, singer and person on staff, that we encountered, was very personable. Upon their arrival, and meeting them all before the reception, it was like seeing family, or that best friend, that you hadn’t seen since last Christmas. We would have our reception again just to be able to be entertained by them again. We, confidently, will say that Paradigm is the best party band in Florida anytime someone asks. We are very grateful for all they did for our wedding and look forward to partying with them again sometime soon.

Aaron and Jordanne Murrell - Highland Manor - Apopka, FL

Hands Down, Paradigm Made Our Wedding!

Without a doubt, Paradigm was the highlight of our wedding. They are beyond talented, from the vocalists, to their musicianship, and their manager Kimmie was such a delight to work with.  Our guests are even still talking about the band weeks later.  I don't think there was one person at the wedding who didn't get on that dance floor.  The energy was abundant.

One particular moment I remember my husband looking over at me during dinner and saying "I just forgot this was a live band for a second. It sounds exactly like the record."  That means a lot coming from him being a touring musician himself.

We highly recommend Paradigm being a part of your big day :)

Fallon Roy - The Acre - Orlando, FL

Perfect In Every Way!

Paradigm Party Band was truly everything that we could have ever wanted in a band and more! Our backs were to the band when we were seated and I honestly thought they were playing recordings of the original songs at first because they were that good! Our guests felt like they were at a concert the entire night. At the same time, they made sure that the evening was 100% about us. They were so energetic and fun! That, paired with their undeniable talent made for an unforgettable evening. Even months after our wedding, we still get comments about how amazing our band was. We could not recommend Paradigm more highly!!

Matt Cannavo - Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL

Diversity At Its Finest!

It is not often that you attend a wedding where there is a band that can flawlessly reproduce hits across all genres, while also being diverse. My husband (Caucasian and born in the 70s) and myself (African American and born in the 80s) have a group of friends who vary in age and culture with an very eclectic taste in music. Kimmie took heed to our requests: David Bowie, Childish Gambino, Florence and the Machine, and no "typical" wedding songs, and accepted the challenge. Our wedding was 3 weeks ago and our guests are still talking about the energy of the band and their interaction with the crowd. It was extremely important for my husband and I to throw a wedding celebration that everyone would remember and I am 100% certain that we succeeded strongly due to Paradigm. I would also like to note that the band did not take a single break! Thank you, Kimmie and Paradigm, for an evening to remember ALWAYS.

CJ and Steve - Lightner Museum - Saint Augustine, FL

The Best Band!

The best band!! Paradigm played at my son’s wedding and all the guests were blown away by their performance. The band had everyone up and dancing the whole night and even did an encore. They have amazing stage presence are are very engaging! Our guests were constantly commenting on how amazing the band was. I myself, danced to every single song, and even ended up on stage during the encore! Thank you again for everything .. you all are the best!!

Melissa Calligiuri - Alfond Inn - Winter Park, FL

I've Never Seen Any Kind Of Energy Like That In a Wedding!

Paradigm was an amazing band for our wedding. They really got everyone on the dance floor moving and shaking. I've never seen any kind of energy like that at a wedding. Amazing voices and they were a BLAST and made the party all the more special. I would love to use them again for another function.

Meg and Dan Winter - Legare Waring House - Charleston, SC

People Can't Stop Talking About It!

I'm still speechless, both literally and emotionally.  You guys were the VERY BEST band I have seen at a wedding.  People cannot stop talking about it.  I am in love with all of you!

Alexandra and Cris Crecelius - Seagate Beach Club - Delray Beach, FL

Paradigm Party Band Was Absolutely Awesome!

As for the wedding reception, CJ and Steve's guests came to PAR-TAY!!  Paradigm Party Band was absolutely AWESOME!  Guests laughed, Danced, and sang along late into the evening. 

The Lightner Museum - Wedding and Events - Saint Augustine, FL

Absolutely Amazing!

Paradigm played at the reception of our wedding and was absolutely AMAZING! We couldn't have picked a better band!! All of our guests were raving about how great they were and how much fun the band was!! Marc, played the keyboard during our ceremony and cocktail hour and it was perfect! Also, I cant forget to mention Kimmie. She helped us book the band as well as plan the music and lighting. She was very quick to respond to emails and calls and was always willing to help anyway she could! Thank you Kimmie, Marc and everyone with Paradigm !!! Jenna and Brian Jacobs - Tavares Pavilion On the Lake - Tavares, FL


Such a Wonderful Experience!

I had such a wonderful experience with the Paradigm Party Band team and they were easily the most professional and FANTASTIC vendor that I worked with during the entire planning process...  ALL THREE lead singers expressed very strong, world class vocals and ranges which I think is very rare to find in a wedding band…. The band had everyone up and dancing the whole night and even did an encore. Our guests were constantly commenting on how amazing the band was. They were blown away by the performance.


Probably even more important (especially for a busy, stressed out Bride) was their attention to detail and level of professionalism during the entire process. They were incredibly responsive, accommodating and flexible.  At 9:15 pm, I asked them (last minute) if they could stay the extra half hour and their team did not miss a beat. They played for the extra 30 minutes after playing a full (and probably very exhausting) set prior. I have used other bands in the past for events and many of them would have required a break and would not be so flexible.


I normally don’t write reviews but I was so impressed with the raw talent and professionalism of the band that it would be a disservice not to share. They genuinely wanted the night to be great and did everything in their power to do so. I think that level of compassion and empathy is hard to find among wedding vendors these days. Elizabeth Soranno - Bride - Soranno-Rolla Wedding at the The Vinoy Renaissance, St. Petersburg, FL

Thank you for making our special day that much better!

Thank you again for everything.  The band sounded incredible and had just absolutely amazing stage presence.  I also want to thank you for being the most professional and most organized vendor.  

Everyone at the wedding said Paradigm is the best band they have EVER seen at a wedding.  I love how the dance floor filled up as soon as you started the dance set!

Thank you for making our special day that much better! - Craig Rolla - Groom - Soranno-Rolla Wedding at The Vinoy Renaissance, St. Petersburg, FL

Fantastic Show!

Fantastic Show at Liz and Craig's wedding last night in St. Pete!  September, I wanna Dance With Somebody, Please Don't Stop the Music, Yeah and Let's Go Crazy were highlights for me.  I love how you guys keep it going.  Also love the dance moves.  You are super tight, have amazing chops and give off a really friendly vibe.  Keep it up!  Liz Miller, family of the bride - Soranno-Rolla Wedding at The Vinoy Renaissance, St. Petersburg, FL

Proceed With Total Confidence!

I hope my following remarks will encourage anyone considering Paradigm Party Band to proceed with total confidence. Upon the suggestion of our 'kids' who were getting married, I contacted Kimmie, along with several other options, though Paradigm was indeed who our son and his fiancee were pushing as their top choice (despite the higher price). Their impression was that this was the band that would get their friends up and dancing, with a youthful energy that seemed lacking in other recommended bands. We indeed wanted to make this our kids' party, so we hired Kimmie [Paradigm Party Band Manager] to provide the music she promised would be appropriate for the joyous occasion, after reassuring conversations about the music, instrumentation, volume, etc... After contracting, I left the logistics, and music programming, in the hands of Kimmie, the band, the venue's wedding coordinator, and our kids. Despite concerns about some of the limitations of the room for the party, these, again, were handled professionally by Kimmie, with continued reassurance that they would work it out. They certainly did!


Fast forward to the wedding...the party took off, and we were so pleased to see a continuously packed dance floor, arms high in the air, voices raised in obvious approval for what was likely the final 60-90 minutes of the reception...The sound was great...not too loud but with clarity to enhance the atmosphere rather than overtake it... Bottom line about hiring Paradigm...is that we received everything we anticipated based on our planning and contract, and more! We put the party in the right hands in all respects. The bride's parents selected the venue and worked through all of the meal and beverage details; pacing of the evening; etc. Our only responsibility for this evening was providing the music that would make our kids happy and their night special. We did. It was!  - Mark Saks, Father of the Groom, Cohen-Saks Wedding at Epping Forest Yacht Club, Jacksonville, FL

This band is on Fire!

I saw videos and clips of Paradigm's live performance and they did not do their actual live show justice. I watched in amazement as so much energy oozed from the ENTIRE band. To say they were talented would be an understatement. Each vocalist had so much stage presence and ridiculous vocals to match. I was pleasantly surprised to find them so professional and fun to work with considering the caliber of their musical abilities. Typically talent comes with big ego, but they had to be some of THE most talented, humble group people of people I've met. I will definitely use them again for any event I'm hosting versus a DJ or another live act. They brought the people to the dance floor and they didn't want to leave!  - Tamara Monk, He Got Up Celebrity Gala

Non Stop Energy!

Paradigm Party Band kindly accepted our invitation to perform at the the Florida Cup Fanfest 2017 at the Orlando Eye and we were impressed with their musicianship, technical quality and entertainment skills. Crossing over different styles, including classic rock and modern pop hits, the audience was truly moved by the performance! We hope they can be with us again at our next FanFest 2018! - Dennis Zasnicoff, Florida Cup Fanfest.

The audience asked for an encore at every performance!

Paradigm was fantastic! I think they're the best band we've had energy-wise since I've been here. The audience asked for an encore at every performance! I didn't think the Saturday crowd was going to let them leave! We will definitely be requesting them back in the future. Also, they could not have been any easier to work with. Such a delight! - Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, Guantanamo, Cuba

"Best live performance I've been to in a minute! Great show! So much energy! - Mikaela Winged-Phillips

Best Live Band!!! Made our event the best ever! - Bethany Wells Wyatt

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Meet The Band

Paradigm Party Band is configurable from the core 7 Performers  up to 12 and more as the client desires. Band members include:

Marcelo Caramuta - Band Leader, Keyboards and Vocals

Brianna Abregano - Lead Vocals, Emcee

May Witcher - Lead Vocals

Ashwi Williams - Lead Vocals

Jay Dolphus - Drums

Berlan Henri - Bass

Daniel Howard - Guitar

Carl Lewis - Saxophone

Cesar DeLa Rosa - Additional Lead Vocals

Charissa Everett - Additional Lead Vocals