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Why Has Paradigm Party Band Become the Fastest Growing Special Events and Wedding Band in Florida?

Paradigm Party Band had it's first performance in October 2016 and immediately took off. The growth of the band in the corporate events, special events and weddings market has been unprecedented. As we start 2018 with a calendar full of bookings and holds, we are humbled by what has happened with us and very thankful to Eklectic Entertainment and all our clients for the band's success. In a short time, Paradigm Party Band rocketed to the top of the Orland and Florida Dance Band, Events Band and Wedding Band scene. When we ask ourselves how this has happened, we believe our client's own reviews best address the success of Paradigm Party band....

"I had such a wonderful experience with [the Paradigm Party Band] team and they were easily the most professional and FANTASTIC vendor that I worked with during the entire planning process...

ALL THREE lead singers expressed very strong, world class vocals and ranges which I think is very rare to find in a wedding band…. The band had everyone up and dancing the whole night and even did an encore. Our guests were constantly commenting on how amazing the band was. They were blown away by the performance.

Probably even more important especially for a busy, stressed out Bride was their attention to detail and level of professionalism during the entire process. They were incredibly responsive, accommodating and flexible. At 9:15 pm, I asked them (last minute) if they could stay the extra half hour and their team did not miss a beat. They played for the extra 30 minutes after playing a full (and probably very exhausting) set prior. I have used other bands in the past for events and many of them would have required a break and would not be so flexible.

I normally don’t write reviews but I was so impressed with the raw talent and professionalism of the band that it would be a disservice not to share. They genuinely wanted the night to be great and did everything in their power to do so. I think that level of compassion and empathy is hard to find among wedding vendors these days." AND...

"Thank you again for everything. The band sounded incredible and had just absolutely amazing stage presence. I also want to thank you for being the most professional and most organized.

Everyone at the wedding said Paradigm is the best band they have EVER seen at a wedding. I love how the dance floor filled up as soon as you started the dance set!

Thank you for making our special day that much better!" AND...

"I saw videos and clips of Paradigm's live performance and they did not do their actual live show justice. I watched in amazement as so much energy oozed from the ENTIRE band. To say they were talented would be an understatement. Each vocalist had so much stage presence and ridiculous vocals to match. I was pleasantly surprised to find them so professional and fun to work with considering the caliber of their musical abilities. Typically talent comes with big ego, but they had to be some of THE most talented, humble group people of people I've met. I will definitely use them again for any event I'm hosting versus a DJ or another live act."

Please visit our website to learn more and to book your special event or wedding. Or call 904-955-6725

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